Brokerage and Consultancy

Through the consulting arm of the company, we offer consultation services for domestic and international companies who want to venture into agri-commodity trading businesses from Nigeria. Our consultation includes the following: formation of a legal company, acquisition of the necessary export licenses, procurement activities, processing of goods, and transportation/logistics while employing risk mitigation strategies to guide against international trade challenges such as, foreign currency volatility and supply and demand fluctuations.

Our experienced professionals are well positioned in the industry to navigate and deliver successful and sustainable projects.


Machine distribution: (Nut Milk Machine)

As a market leader in the Raw Tigernuts trade, we’ve always had the ambition to add value to our commodity and this means partnering with great companies when we see a great fit. Our approach has led us to partner with Mecanica Jijonenca S.A. (Mejisa) a Spanish food & beverage machinery manufacturer operating out of the Alicante region and most notably known for the strongest, most efficient Tigernut Milk Machine.

ASG is the official exclusive distributor of Mejisa Machinery in Nigeria with a showroom in Abuja and Lagos.