Tigernuts (Chufa)


Tigernuts  also known as Cyperus Esculentus are naturally grown tubers, small root vegetables that date back to the time of our paleo ancestors. While originating from Northern Africa and the Mediterranean, tigernuts have been commercialized in the West African Region such Nigeria, Niger, Burkina Faso and also the Valencian Region of Spain. Tigernuts comes in different sizes and have long been recognized for their health benefits, as they are high in fibre, proteins, and natural sugars. Because of these and many more nutritional benefits, it has been a highly sought after superfood.

Tigernut tubers contain almost twice the quantity of starch as potato or sweet potato tubers. Discover the many benefits of tigernuts.

High Fibre Content which helps prevents many heart diseases.

Source of nutrients e.g. magnesium, potassium, sodiuum etc.

Source of vegetable proteins, hence a great substitute for cow milk.

Great health benefits from consumption, can help control diabetes.

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Tigernuts is a versatile agriculture commodity and it is used in many different industries such as  Food & Beverages, Fish Bait & Tackle, Game seeds and more.

Food & Health

Due to its high nutritional content, tigernuts have served the food and health industry by providing great benefits such as high energy content, minerals and vitamins. It is also know as a "Health Food" since it helps prevent heart diseases.


In ayurvedic medicine, tigernuts is used for many purposes such as indigestion, diarrhoes, flatulence and dysentry. Research has also found that tigernuts has a possibility for being a treatment for diabetes due to its antioxidant capabilities.


In the cosmetic indutry, tigernut oil which is an extract from tigernuts, are used in body moisturisers, body lotions and lip balm. This is due to its high content in Vitamin E which helps slow down the body's ageing process and provides richness and vitality.

Fish Bait

In the fish bait industry, the tigernuts are boiled and used as bait for carps, this takes place predominantly in the UK. Although, the tigernuts have to be boiled in a particular manner to prevent harm to the fish.

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Because our operations stem directly from a cooperative of farmers, we are uniquely positioned to have a guaranteed supply year round at the most competitive prices. We have invested and continue to invest in our infrastructure to be able to meet and compete with the Spanish Tigernut (Chufa) quality. ASG’s current cleaning factory located in Lagos-Axis processes 2-4tons/hour of Tigernuts at a 99% purity.

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ASG LTD is global soft commodities trading group with activities extending along the value chain from aggregation and production to trading and logistics.

Our young and vibrant company has been expanding in production capacity and geographically to be able to serve more clients. To enhance our logistical efficiency, ASG has a well-established network of distribution offices through strategic partners in the main consumption areas.