About Us


ASG LTD is a global agricultural commodity trading company established in 2015 with its headquarters in Abuja and many other operating sites throughout Nigeria. ASG’s main objective is the development and marketing of Nigerian and West African raw agricultural commodities. Our agricultural products include nuts, seeds, and spices such as; Tigernuts, Sesame seeds, Dates, African Chili, & Dried Hibiscus flower.

Specializing in niche soft commodities, we are able to deliver in every capacity from production, to processing and distribution. Our approach is to identify and capture distinct value for our clients by continuously researching, innovating, and enhancing or advancing our practices.

Over the past years of operating, we’ve made a strategic decision, to streamline our focus to the development of the niche commodity Raw Tigernuts and it derivatives, leading us to become an independent market leader in Tigernut Trading out of the West African region.  

Due to our successful experience domestically and internationally in the commodity trading industry our initiatives have expanded/diversified to include or engage in brokerage, consultancy, logistics and an exclusive distributorship of nut-milk machinery to the Nigerian and West African markets.

With the recent investment in an international standard cleaning facility set-up in Lagos-Axis, Nigeria and our active presence in Europe, North America, and Middle East, we aim to serve and deliver to our clients products of integrity and quality.

ASG LTD has an established trading partner with existing warehousing, sales and distribution networks in the Valencian region of Spain who we cater to our European retail customers from.

Sustainability: We understand the importance of creating solutions that last and working with the communities in which we operate, to achieve sustainable business outcomes for our shareholders and our partners along the value chain.


To develop and transition from a reputable African (global) commodity trading company to a global food and feed ingredients suppliers.

 Our mission is to deliver the most natural agro commodities to the global market at, competitive prices.

Vision: To develop and transition from a global African commodity trading company to a global seed to shelf food and feed ingredients supplier.


Quality: We take the utmost priority in the quality of the products we supply to our client thus the reason we continue to invest in R&D and use the most advanced state-of-the-art seed cleaning machinery for our selection processes.  

Integrity: We make efficient, well-informed decisions to identify and capture opportunities but we do so within a framework of tight procedural controls and optimized risk management. Trust, honesty, and transparency have been a foundation which we started our company on.